Our Story

We are a collective of property owners in Sebastian that care about the decisions being made in our community.

Learn about Sebastian

All residents are invited to meetings of this association. Bring your ideas for helpful programs you would enjoy as meeting topics.

  • We promote the general welfare of the City.
  • We work with residents and City officials on common goals and programs that benefit property owners, ensure quality of life, and positively affect property values.
  • We are a non-partisan, non-political, all-welcoming organization.
  • We have informative meetings open to all residents of the Sebastian area.

Our Leadership

What we ARE

  • A non-profit group that are originated in 1962.
  • Caring Sebastian Citizens who raise money for LOCAL charitable causes.
  • Very active in our community. We participate in many functions including: 4th of July Parade, Sebastian Clambake Festival, and the Christmas Parade.
  • An organized group with elected officers and board members.
  • Sebastian residents who have concerns, just like you do: Growth Management, Code Enforcement, Annexation, Environmental issues, TAXES and Budget issues, and Quality of life in our small community.

What we are NOT

  • A political group. We do not endorse candidates or party affiliations.
  • An association that tells people how to live; we try to help Sebastian citizens live better.
  • Against government or against our city officials. We are not about making trouble.
  • To repeat: We are NOT a political action group. We are concerned Sebastian residents who want a voice in their community.