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Documents on Sugar Sand Removed from Cemetery

Please click the buttons below for access to the documents regarding the removal of sugar sand from the city cemetery.

Did you know your city government may be killing you, literally and figuratively?

Management and Council have continually turned a “blind eye” to “insider wheeling and dealing” and “grave mistakes” that aren’t just unconscionable, but have depleted a fortune in City assets.

At best, it’s gross misfeasance, but it could be deliberate malfeasance.

Either way, it’s time for accountability and change.

We’ve all seen recent headlines that Monsanto is defending itself for using the potential cancer causing ingredient glyphosate in its RoundUp weed control product.

Well did you know that our canals and stormwater collection areas are currently being sprayed by contractor Applied Aquatics with RoundUp, without public notice, and that many residents are fishing those waterways . . . unaware of danger?

Then there’s the case of the Sebastian Cemetery adjoining property that Realtor John King (husband of Jan King in Community Development) in 2013 brokered and sold for $300,000.00 to the city.

City Manager Al Minner confirmed that the existing massive “sugar sand” ridge alone could equal the value of the property and Council Members Jim Hill, Bob McPartlan, Don Wright, Andrea Coy and Jerome Adams approved the purchase.

Fast forward to 2017 when the property was finally to be developed for cemetery expansion. Tim Rose of Rose Construction offered to clear the property for $27,000.00, minus a credit of $8,000.00 for the sand.

A local family business offered to clear the property in exchange for the sand and was awarded the contract without the City following normal purchase protocols.

“Sweet deal.”

You do the math!

Then City Manager Joe Griffin, Mayor Hill, Council Members McPartlan, Linda Kitchen (former Engineering Department) and Al Alvino all should have known better.

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Damien Gilliams, Sebastian