Summer is Here!

6:00PM August 5th, 2019 Location: North Indian River County Library, 1001 Sebastian Blvd.


  • President
    • Call to Order
    • Moment of Silence and Pledge of Allegiance
    • Protect yourself from the Sun and skin cancer.
  • Treasurers Report
    • $10 Dues are due
  • Guest Speakers
    • Dr. Anand Haryani of Diani Dermatology
    • Keith Turnberry of Fellsmere Chief of Police
    • Richard Iachini from SPD Code Enforcement has agreed to speak on our fertilizer, pesticides, and storm water code enforcement and rules. How can we help keep our community clean, safe and healthy?
  • President
    • Updates:
      • Spraying chemicals in canals: alternatives and solutions
        • Petition for Moratorium on Spraying of canals
      • Sebastian Police Dept. Community Neighborhood Watch: Learning and Setting up your Neighborhood.
        • Sign up to protect your neighborhood
      • City of Sebastian Cemetery Expansion
        • 1.4 Acres, $375,000.00 Sugar Sand Fill Deal. (YOUR TAX MONEY)
        • State Attorney Chris Taylor and Florida Department of Law Enforcement are on the case.
      • 182 Acres Annexation
      • Rebuilding of canal walls
      • Roads and drainage
      • Railroad
        • Review the land development code provisions for non-conforming
        • Membership vote to request to move the tracks west
      • County Road 510 Annexation: 1047 Acres of the Graves Brothers Property
        • CALL TO ACTION: Planning and Zoning Meeting at City Hall: August 15th 6PM
        • CALL TO ACTION: City Council Meeting: August 28th 6PM
          • We want to ask for a postponement and community outreach
      • Concern of 5G cellphone towers and 5G radiation
      • Membership Drive
      • August 10th 11-3pm Cookout and potluck membership drive
        • Bring a covered dish, donations, fishing pole, and a friend
      • Sponsors Needed for meetings and website
      • Website Merchandise Store
        • Sample Shirts are in! we t-shirt image
        • Suggestions?
      • Run a Committee!
      • Update Bylaws for September
      • Do we want to have a Labor Day event?
      • Clam Bake Fundraiser
        • We need volunteers to sign up, contact Pam Parris
  • Members Input
  • Closing Comments
  • Website Photography Submissions
  • Adjournment

Website Photography Contest: Send in your favorite pictures of Sebastian and candid pictures from our meetings and have the chance to be featured in our posts. Send Emails to


All residents are invited to a meeting of this association…

  • We promote the general welfare of the City.
  • We work with residents and City officials on common goals and programs that benefit property owners, ensure quality of life, and positively affect property values.
  • We are a non-partisan, non-political, all-welcoming organization.
  • We have informative meetings open to all residents of the Sebastian area. Bring your ideas for helpful programs you would enjoy as meeting topics. Call 772-713-5071 for more information.

Important Dates

  • September Meeting will be pushed back to September 9th due to Labor Day weekend.
  • CALL TO ACTION: Planning and Zoning Meeting at City Hall: August 15th 6PM
  • CALL TO ACTION: City Council Meeting: August 28th 6PM
  • August 10th Cookout and potluck membership drive
  • Every day is important.