Open Organizational Meeting

6:00PM February 4th, 2019 Location: North Indian River County Library


All residents are invited to a meeting of this association…

  • We promote the general welfare of the City.
  • We work with residents and City officials on common goals and programs that benefit property owners, ensure quality of life, and positively affect property values.
  • We are a non-partisan, non-political, all-welcoming organization.
  • We have informative meetings open to all residents of the Sebastian area. Bring your ideas for helpful programs you would enjoy as meeting topics.


  • President
    • Call to Order
    • Moment of Silence and Pledge of Allegiance
  • Treasurers Report
    • $10 Dues are due
  • President
    • Changes to Board of Directors
    • Next Election is April 1st
    • Mission Statement
    • Membership Drive
    • Sponsors Needed
  • Vice President
    • Recap of 2018 Meetings
    • 2019 Meeting Ideas
    • Member Q&A
  • President
    • Closing Comments, Adjournment

Important Dates

  • Monday, March 4th - Next Meeting - Bring a Neighbor!
  • Thursday, April 5th - 6PM SPOA Sponsorships Presented at Sebastian High School
  • Friday, April 6th - Relay for Life
  • Friday, April 14th - Concert in River View Park