We don’t endorse anyone but we do endorse your right to vote! Get out and vote!!!

6:00PM November 4th, 2019
Location: North Indian River County Library, 1001 Sebastian Blvd.

This meeting is sponsored by No Name Sports Bar.



  • Call to Order
  • Moment of Silence and Pledge of Allegiance
  • Reminder to vote, Tuesday, November 5th!

Treasurers Report

  • $10 Dues are due

Guest Speaker Peter Hinck!

  • Peter Hinck grew up in Miami. He surfed and fished in the waters in Sebastian back in the 1970s. He spent most of his time on the water on some kind of paddle craft, from surfboards to kayaks and he still prefers to paddle today over the use of a powerboat. Now he paddles a paddleboard. Being able to stand and slowly move across the lagoon gives him a vantage point to see what is going on in the water. Back on Aug. 17, 2017, Peter started to put cameras down into the waters of Black Point near Sebastian to record the seagrass. At that time it looked like it was making a good comeback. From that time he has seen the grass grow and die off. He is here to give his commonsense reasons why the lagoon is in trouble and what we can do to make it better.

Voting on By-laws

Members Input

  • Closing Comments
  • Website Photography Submissions

Website Photography Contest

  • Send in your favorite pictures of Sebastian and candid pictures from our meetings and have the chance to be featured in our posts.
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All residents are invited to a meeting of this association…

  • We promote the general welfare of the City.
  • We work with residents and City officials on common goals and programs that benefit property owners, ensure quality of life, and positively affect property values.
  • We are a non-partisan, non-political, all-welcoming organization.
  • We have informative meetings open to all residents of the Sebastian area. Bring your ideas for helpful programs you would enjoy as meeting topics. Call 772-713-5071 for more information.

Important Dates

  • Every day is important.
  • Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th